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Going Virtual: Your Guide to 2020 Arabic Summer Camps

Going Virtual: Your Guide to 2020 Arabic Summer Camps

With the traditional school year cut short and distance learning taking its place, many parents are now trying to get creative with planning for a uniquely socially distant summer with all the challenges presented by COVID-19. Our usual plans and traditions for summertime have been deferred and many wonderful in-person learning opportunities are canceled.

For the past couple of years, we published an annual list of Arabic summer camps in the US, and we were excited to share information for hands-on Arabic language learning opportunities for your children this year as well. Unfortunately, because of COVID-19 social distancing stipulations, families aren’t able to travel abroad or send their kids to camps to enjoy Arabic linguistic experiences.

However, as we’ve seen over the past few months, there’s always a silver lining!  Many of these programs are now going virtual, eliminating the physical distance that may have prevented some of us from taking advantage of them. Although we may not be able to take our children to summer camps or classes in person, we can still find ways to bring those camps and classes to them!

We’ve been on the lookout for virtual Arabic summer "camps" and classes that your children can easily attend from home, from anywhere in the US (and some beyond!) All of the programs mentioned below will be taking place throughout the summer, so make you sure you check them out and register as soon as possible! If you know of other camps, please leave a comment below or email us at info@maktabatee.com. Wishing you and your kids a unique and enriching Arabic-filled summer! 

 Smart Minds Learning Virtual Summer Camp Program

This program offers interactive activities that help students continue learning and practicing their Arabic language skills and Qur’an. Two separate summer sessions are offered, with the option of registering for one session or both. The classes offered for these sessions are virtual cooking and art classes using Arabic terminology, mental math, Noor Albayan, Arabic, and Qur’an.

Register here: http://www.smartmindslearning.com/master-arabic-language-summer-camp-virginia/

smart minds learning summer camp


Fusحa Online Season 2

This online class, designed for children of ages 3-7, was created and curated by Inas who is the founder of Fusحa Online and a multilingual children’s content creator. Consisting of weekly fun and interactive Arabic videos, virtual meetups, and topics including the Hajj season, your child will love this hands-on virtual learning experience.

Register Here: https://inas-school.thinkific.com/collections


MindBloom Preschool Online Summer Camp

MindBloom Preschool provides stimulating and immersive experiences and opportunities for enrichment and growth. They offer multiple summer camp options and the choice to register for as many weeks as you’d like. When you access the link to register we’ve provided below, scroll to the bottom to see registration options.

Register here: https://www.mindbloompreschool.com/camps.html


Al-Bustan Seeds “Speak to us of Houses” Virtual Camp

Al-Bustan is offering a unique and relatable theme for their virtual Arabic summer camp.  Their summer curriculum focuses on activities, objects, relationships, and themes that take place at home. Children who attend this summer camp will learn through visual art, music, and storytelling sessions. Learners will delve into their relationships with their homes while tying it all together through Arabic instruction.

Register here: https://www.albustanseeds.org/featured-story/virtual-camp-2020/

al-bustan virtual camp


Concordia Language Villages Arabic Classes

If you’re looking for online Arabic classes offered to kids between the ages of 8-18, Concordia has several options for the month of July. Topics include Arabic language and culture as well as Arabic reading and writing. You can register for anywhere between one or more weeks and choose what Arabic topics your child might be interested in.

Register here: www.concordialanguagevillages.org


Alif Virtual Summer Camp

When you choose this Arabic summer camp, you’re choosing one with a community feel. Catered to children ages 3-9 years old, your child will enjoy Alif Institute’s unique take on virtual summer camp with a virtual field trip every Wednesday, Arabic language lessons and cultural activities in areas of storytime, arts and crafts, cooking, songs, and more! This program is also implementing Nahla and Naheel Reading Program. 

Register here: https://www.alifinstitute.org/events/summer-camp/

alif institute virtual summer camp


Al-Kawthar Arabic Family Classes

For families looking for classes that are held at a convenient time agreed upon by the institute and family, Al-Kawthar is offering different levels of classical Arabic immersion learning online. This program includes various levels of classes, beginning with Classical Arabic Mommy & Me advancing up to Arabic levels 1, 2 & 3, 4 & 5, and level 6.

Register here: https://www.alkawtharlc.com/programs/


Abjadiyah Virtual Summer Camp

The Abjadiyah curriculum was developed over a span of 13 years and contains 10 different levels of proficiency, with each level applied to a specific age group and linguistic ability. The virtual summer camp being offered not only includes the Abjadiyah curriculum, but also enriching experiences provided by educators, artists, and storytellers.

Register here: Abjadiyah Virtual Summer Camp

Abjadiyah Summer Camp


Al-Madinah Institute Arabic Online for Kids

Arabic Online Kids uses wonderful teaching resources of Al-Madinah’s Arabic Online program and makes it accessible to children. This particular program was built for children ages 6-16 and provides an enriching Arabic language experience.

Register Here: https://almadinainstitute.org/seminars/arabic-online-kids/


One World Now Summer World Language Program

For students enrolled in 8th – 12th grade in the 2019-20 school year, this program provides content equivalent to a first semester high school class. Classes run every week, Monday through Friday from 9am-11am with one hour dedicated to independent work. If you’re interested in this particular program, keep in mind that registration ends on June 12th!

Register Here: https://oneworldnow.org/programs/summer-world-language-program-online/


Tarabot Family "Let's Travel the World Together" Summer Camp

This program is providing students with an immersive experience in traveling the world through craft-making, story telling, stop-motion movie techniques, virtual games, and more. Students will also participate in a fun end of summer camp project. Hurry and sign up for this camp as some camp days have already been filled! 

Register Here: http://tarabotfamily.com/summer-camp-2020/


NaTakallam Arabic Lessons

NaTakallam ("we speak" in Arabic) is a social enterprise that provides employment to refugees and displaced people through opportunities in the language sector (language lessons, cultural exchange and translation). Interested in personalized Arabic lessons for your kids this summer? We offer multiple dialects of Arabic as well as MSA for kids of all ages and language levels. Sign up for one-on-one, small group or virtual classroom lessons today! 
Prices begin at $20/hour for one-on-one sessions. Scholarships available. Contact schools@natakallam.com for more information. 

[Disclaimer: Maktabatee has not vetted these programs and is only providing this list as a community service. Parents should do their due diligence to ensure a program meets their standards.]


  • Hello, I’m Fatiha. from Lango kids Northern Virginia, a foreign language private school located in the north of Virginia. We offer Arabic, Spanish, and Mandarin classes, very interactive program, our students learn through fun.
    I’m so glad that Maktabatee existed as an additional resource for us to consider in the upcoming future. We always in need of children Arabic books to fill up our Arabic bookshelves section.

    Because of COVID-19, we have moved our summer camp online, I would like to share our flyer with you. Thank you and looking forward to a long relationship between Lango kids Northern Virginia and Maktabatee.

    Thank you!


    Fatiha on

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