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Your Guide to 2019 Arabic Summer Camps in the US

Your Guide to 2019 Arabic Summer Camps in the US

Wouldn't it be amazing if we could get the whole summer off and travel abroad to give our kids an immersive cultural and linguistic experience? If only that was an accessible option for most of us! From juggling work schedules to being able to afford international travel, many obstacles stand in the way of such experiences.

For those summers where you can save up enough money and vacation time to travel, DO IT! We were incredibly lucky enough to travel to Jordan almost every summer of our childhood. Our parents were teachers who scrimped and saved to be able to give us the opportunity to connect with our extended family members, practice our Arabic for several months, and get out of the bubble of our American childhood. If only we appreciated it as much as we do now! 

But back to reality, it's time to plan for summer camps! And if you can't travel, the closest you might get to practicing Arabic is an Arabic-based or themed summer camp. So we pulled together a list of summer camps around the US to get you started! 

Some of these camps are more Arabic-focused than others, but everyone on this list has at a minimum an Arabic language component. We tried to only include those who had updated information for 2019 camps and had an updated link or flyer. So, if you’re looking for an Arabic summer camp for this year, check these out! If you have others to add, please comment below and let us know or email us at to add to the list. Happy camping!

Kalimah STEAM Arabic Immersion Camps

Kalimah’s STEAM Arabic Immersion Summer Camp is the only theme-based Arabic language immersion camp for kids 5-12 years old in the greater Metro DC region. Their curriculum employs Project-Based Language Learning (PBLL), drama, and experiential learning to achieve measurable outcomes aligned with the ACTFL standards. Field trips, guest speakers, collaborative projects, and more help solidify the interwoven STEAM concepts under the larger theme umbrella of the Silk Road then and now. As little chefs, scientists, traders, entrepreneurs, and engineers, Kalimah campers meet new friends and build communities while making everlasting memories of fun times!

  •  Montgomery County, Maryland
  •  Register here: 
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    Aya Montessori Global Citizens Summer Camp

    Join Aya Montessori for a fun and interactive summer camp filled with fun STEAM activities catered to ages 3-6. Your child will explore the world through (S)cience, (T)echnology, (E)nginering, (A)rt & (M)ath + Arabic, Islam & Quran. Field-trips & Daily fitness/workout.

  • Elkridge, Maryland
  • Register here:
  • Arabic summer camp USA

    Arabic Immersion Summer Camp- Diyanet Center of America

    Are you looking for a fun Arabic Immersion experience for your child this summer? Do you want him or her to learn the Arabic language in a comfortable and fun-filled environment? The Arabic Immersion Summer Camp at DCA for children ages 5 to 9 is a one-of-a-kind opportunity!

  • Lanham, Maryland 
  • Register here: 
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    Smart Minds Learning Summer Camp

    We don't just teach kids phrases and words on paper, we speak with them in Arabic. What better way to learn a new language than to just speak everything you have to say in it? With that in mind, we've developed a curriculum for our Arabic Summer camp combining unique, exciting, challenging, and fun activities! We just can't wait to have you with us! 

    Arabic summer camp

    Children of the World Arabic Immersion Summer Program

    Make the most of summer vacation by enrolling in our 2019 summer program! Don’t sit at home bored, wondering what to do – have your child come learn, explore, and have fun with us! Each week is a new themed adventure and we take regular field trips to exciting destinations to connect our lessons with the world around us. From crafts and games to zoos, museums and water parks, we make each day count!

    Ihsan Muslim Explorers Summer Camp

    This year's Ihsan's Summer camp will be open to ages 3 - 12 year olds. The program will be based on the names of Allah, nature and science and 3 beautiful classrooms set up as learning through play. To add to the beautiful experience, a team of educators and moms will prepare indoor and outdoors activities to best achieve the goals of the camp.

  • Milford, Ohio 
  • Register here: 
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    Seattle Arab Cultural Camp 

    The creative mind behind A Crafty Arab hosted her first Arab Cultural Camp where she put together fun, educational camp stations. These art lesson stations include themes about Arab hospitality, Arab countries, Arab literature, Arab traditional instruments, Arab spices, etc. The camp day will start with a Arabic story time/ song/ reading activity, time in her studio library which includes hundreds of crafts and Arab children books. The children will be able to check out any of the books at the end of the day for enjoyment at home with siblings or other family members.

    Mindbloom Preschool

    The Language and Total Immersion Summer Camp is for children ages 3-7 years and will include participation from all age ranges in daily activities, including geography, food, art, dance, and more!

    Al-Bustan Seeds Summer Camp

    Rising K-8th graders will enjoy daily Arabic, visual art, singing, dance, drumming, and science activities at St. Peter’s School. This summer Al-Bustan Campers will learn about Al-Andalus and co-existence (convivenciatayaush) in an era of thriving arts, science, and multi-faith communities.

    Noor Summer Camp

    Noor Summer Camp Activities include arts & crafts, cooking, science projects, sports, halaqa circle, Arabic, Quran, water fun, and field trips.

    Arabic Summer Academy

    The Arabic Summer Academy is a four week intensive (Monday through Saturday) Arabic course for 40 high school students from the Boston Public Schools and other schools in the Boston area. Every day, students rotate between Arabic language and culture classes that are focused on communication from day one. All students learn the alphabet and learn how to talk, write, and read in Arabic. The curriculum centers around the theme of navigating and describing a modern Arab city. Students go on field trips to use their new language abilities in real-world situations in the city of Boston.

    Startalk Arabic Language Camp

    Fun, interactive learning experiences with hands-on cultural activities, including delicious food. Build proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing and get a jumpstart on Arabic in college.

    STARTALK & ALEFE: Celebrations of Arab Nations

    Through a STARTALK grant, ALEFE summer program “Celebrations of Arab Nations” will offer an authentic opportunity to twenty K-2nd grade students to experience the several ways in which the Arab World expresses itself linguistically and culturally to celebrate two special occasions: weddings and baby showers. During a four weeks summer camp, heritage and non-heritage students will reflect on the similarities and differences between the ways cultures celebrate these two occasions in terms of food, costumes and social figures/characters. 

    Arabic summer camp

    Alkawthar Learning Center Arabic Immersion Camp

    Children will be introduced to the Classical Arabic language through the “total immersion” method where language is acquired through conversations, games, free play, storytelling, songs, and fun activities.

  •    Santa Ana, California  
  •    Register here:

    Arabic summer camp

    Concordia Language Villages

    At Al-Wāḥa, you’ll experience an oasis of cultural richness and diversity with counselors and teachers who speak a variety of dialects from across the Middle East. Enjoy traditional camp activities while you live the language surrounded by Arabic sounds, sights and flavors of the world’s fifth most populous language—in the heart of the Midwest!

    STARTALK: Queens Summer Institute in Arabic

    STARTALK’s mission is to increase the number of U.S. citizens learning, speaking, and teaching critical need foreign languages. STARTALK offers students (K–16) and teachers of these languages creative and engaging summer experiences that strive to exemplify best practices in language education and in language teacher development.

    Alif Institute Annual Arabic Summer Camp

    All sessions, activities, and visits will focus on Arabic Language and Arabic culture. Special visits and guests in the past included the local Fire Department, children authors, and local professionals. Campers will enjoy a very special field trip per week.

    [Disclaimer: Maktabatee has not vetted these camps and is only providing this list as a community service. Parents should do their due diligence to ensure a camp meets their standards.]


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