Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does Maktabatee mean?
Maktabatee (مكتبتي) means "my library" or "my bookstore" in Arabic. We hope it will serve as a resource for parents, teachers, and anyone else looking to share the love of the Arabic language with children.

Do you author and publish the books you sell?
No. We review and search for books from a variety of publishers around the world that meet our criteria and make them more accessible to you. 

How can I choose a book most appropriate for my child’s level of Arabic understanding?

We encourage you to use our “shop by age” feature, but we understand that children are at varying levels of understanding and reading Arabic. With that in mind, some of the same books may appear on different age groups. As parents, we still find that we sometimes have to translate words, modify some vocabulary, or use informal Arabic. Here’s how we categorize our books: 
Ages 0-2: This category includes many board books that will handle being roughed up by your baby or toddler! They include simple concepts and vocabulary such as the alphabet, shapes, colors, objects around the house, etc. They also relate to things toddlers do and love- parents, animals, bedtime, etc. These books are not heavy in text- mostly single words or very short phrases, often in rhyme, that your little one can begin to remember and repeat. Don't be surprised if an older child gravitates towards these books too, or if your young one continues to hold on to them for a few more years!

Ages 3-5: This category includes books that have longer story lines but are still easy to understand and follow. Your preschooler will relate to the compelling plots and memorable characters. These stories share valuable lessons or takeaways in a subtle and simple enough manner for the child to grasp (for example: what to do if you get lost). Again, these categories are flexible enough where older age groups may very well enjoy them too. 

Ages 5+: The books in this category provide longer and more detailed story lines, with more developed characters that require a longer attention span than a preschooler may have. They introduce concepts that an elementary schooler would more likely have been introduced to or come across-- money, travel, holidays, etc.

If you’re still having trouble figuring out the most appropriate reading level for your child, email us at with some information about your child's interests and level of Arabic skills. We’ll be more than happy to assist and provide you with our recommendations!

On what basis do you choose your books? Are you experts in the Arabic language?
Our books are chosen based on relevant content and storyline, ease of reading, correct grammar and spelling, the use of classical Arabic, and modern, beautiful graphics. While we are not experts, we received a strong Arabic education from an early age that is rare in the U.S. We are confident that our foundation in Arabic reading, grammar, and comprehension has enabled us to maintain our language skills at near native level. In addition, we go one step further and consult with Arabic language experts on the quality of the books we choose.

Can I save a list of my favorite books and products on your website?

Yes! You can take advantage of our wishlist feature and share it with your family and friends on special occasions, or for any time! Just hit the heart icon on each product page to add to your list. 

I want to send a gift but I don't know what level the recipient is at?

You can send them an e-gift card so they can choose what works best for them. It'll land in their inbox immediately with a personalized note from you. If you want to send them a physical gift, feel free to email us ( for a recommendation. We gift wrap every order and can include a personalized note from you!

I'm a librarian and need to order books in bulk, with a purchase order, or another requirement. Can you help me?
We would love to! We regularly work with librarians to select the right books for their audience and accommodate different payment methods. Please email us at to get started. 

I’m a publisher or distributor and want you to carry our books. How can I get my books on your site?
We are always on the lookout for new books that fit our criteria (see above). Please fill out this form if you believe your books would be a good fit for Maktabatee and we will get back to you should we need more information. 

I received the wrong item, how do I get my correct order?
We’re so sorry about that! Email us at so we can fix our mistake.

I purchased a book but it looks too advanced for my child, can I return it?
While we recommend that you keep this book for the near future, you are more than welcome to return it. Please visit our returns page for more information.