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15 Arabic Children’s Books that Teach the Alphabet, Colors, and Numbers

15 Arabic Children’s Books that Teach the Alphabet, Colors, and Numbers

During those precious first few years, we learn that there is so much language our child can and will eventually absorb. Ultimately, the task of providing the tools and learning environment for language learning is up to us as parents. There are many different ways to provide opportunities for our kids to exercise their multilingual muscles, whether through books, puzzles, educational toys, and even through interacting with nature. 

If you’re looking for resources to help jumpstart your child’s Arabic language learning journey, we have 15 Arabic children’s books that teach all about the alphabet, colors, and numbers. Our curated selection includes products that are not only designed for babies and toddlers, but for your older children as well, because every Arabic learning journey is unique. You can find activity ideas to help you implement the concepts that are essential to your child’s Arabic language foundation today by visiting our Pinterest page dedicated to all things Arabic. 


Puzzle Book: Colors

Age: Babies & Toddlers

Puzzle book colors

Babies and toddlers want to hold, touch and feel everything, and this puzzle book will allow them to do just that! Your little one will enhance their fine motor skills and build their knowledge of everyday vocabulary and primary colors in Arabic by fitting the puzzle pieces into the corresponding image.

The Cats Colors

Age: Preschoolers and above

the cats colors

A fun and playful cat invites young readers to learn about colors in a simple and engaging way. "What is my favorite color?" asks Cat. To help children find the answer, Cat proceeds to explain the wonder in every color in nature. 

Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns

Age: Preschoolers and above

golden domes silver lanterns

This beautifully illustrated book magnificently captures the colorful world of Islam for the youngest readers, featuring important icons of Islamic tradition in bold colors. Sure to inspire and inform young and old, the author showcases scenes from everyday life in a Muslim household and town. 

Tuffaha’s Dress

Age: Preschoolers and above

tuffahas dress

One beautiful spring day, Tuffaha wondered, what color dress should she choose for Eid? Join the award winning lovable character Tuffaha on a journey exploring the colors of the rainbow as she asks friendly animals what color they think she should choose.

 I Love Fruits

Age: Preschoolers and above

i love fruits

“Abu-elfawakeh” takes readers on this journey showcasing his love for all fruits, and teaches them along the way about the inherent benefits of fruits. The book introduces essential descriptive words that kids will add to their Arabic vocabulary. The book features the fruits in different categories, including by colors, which is sure to delight readers. 


Numbers and Shapes

Learning My Arabic Numbers, Colors, and Shapes

Age: Babies & Toddlers

learning arabic shapes colors numbers

This perfect  vibrantly illustrated book teaches your toddler their Arabic numbers, colors and shapes with modern, visually appealing board book. The book features classical Fus-ha Arabic with tashkeel and is used throughout the book as well as English transliterations, to ensure non-native speakers can easily learn the words!


Pictures & Words: Shapes & Colors (أشكال وألوان)

Age: Babies & Toddlers 

shapes and colors

Designed for babies and toddlers, this durable board book features bright colors and attractive illustrations your little one will love! Teach your little one the names of the colors and shapes they see around them every day!


Open Your Eyes, Simsim

Age: Toddlers & Preschoolers 

open your eyes simsim
Simsim joins his sister Tuffaha in this story about a fun activity you and your little ones can also enjoy! Children will learn the names of common shapes in Arabic and take their imagination on a fun ride. Tuffaha entertains her brother by drawing things out of the shapes he makes, much to his delight!

Jungle in Seifo’s Room

Age: Toddlers & Preschoolers 

jungle in seifos room

Join Seifo in an imaginary adventure to the “jungle” in his room, inspired by the artwork on his wall. This fun story emphasizes learning numbers and includes fun numeral stickers that children will love to peel and stick on the appropriate page.


Counting in the Garden

Age: Preschoolers and above

counting in the garden

Let your child count from 1 to 10, searching the pages of colorful flowers for various creatures hidden among beautifully illustrated garden scenes. From butterflies to inchworms, ducklings to turtles, kids will love to look and find the insects and animals that crawl, hop, and fly in the wild.


Tuffahas Counts to Ten

Age: Preschoolers and above

Tuffaha counts to ten

The award-winning character, Tuffaha has some trouble counting to ten, but when Shams the sun gives her the encouragement she needs, Tuffaha is able to take a stroll counting everything from the butterflies, to the sheep to the flowers around her. This beautifully illustrated book comes with an audio CD that you can take along for car rides or listen to regularly to practice reading and pronunciation. 
For more Arabic counting and number activities and ideas, visit our dedicated Pinterest board

Arabic Alphabet 

Alif Baa Taa

Age: Babies & Toddlers 

alif baa taa

When it comes to your little one's first Arabic alphabet board book, you want the most engaging and high quality book out there. And you won't be disappointed with this epic 56-page Alif Baa Taa board book. The book features one letter of the alphabet on each page along with two words that begin with that letter, including one hidden under an interactive flap that your child will love peeking under.

Alif Ba Taa: Learning My Alphabet

Age: Babies & Toddlers 

alif baa taa

The perfect first Arabic alphabet book for your little one is a vibrantly illustrated book that teaches your toddler the basics with this modern, visually appealing board book. The book features classical Fus-ha Arabic with tashkeel and is used throughout the book as well as English transliterations, to ensure non-native speakers can easily learn Arabic! 

Alif Baa' Yaa'

Age: Preschoolers and above  

alif baa yaa

Alphabet books are aplenty, but this one stands out from the rest with its bold illustrations, modern fonts, and rhyming text that will attract young and old. A donkey eating popcorn, a fox doing somersaults, and a giraffe driving an excavator are just some of the characters featured in the alphabet list. With children's favorite animals big and small, we learn the Arabic alphabet in short, simple, and fun sentences.


Reem Searches for the Arabic Alphabet

Age: Preschoolers and above 

Reem searches for the arabic alphabet

Reem has an Arabic alphabet poster in her room that she loves. One night, while Reem is sitting in bed gazing at the poster, she decides to imagine that the letters are playing hide-and-seek with her. She’s on a mission to find the missing letters and put them back on her beloved poster! Reem’s search walks the reader through every letter of the Arabic alphabet with fun, rhyming text.


Ascend with Asala: Alphabet Series

Age: Early elementary 

Ascend with asala the alphabet

Leveled readers allow children to gradually strengthen and expand their reading skills. In this first set, each book focuses on one letter of the Arabic alphabet featuring 1-2 words on each page. This 28-book set is broken down further into beginner, intermediate, and advanced titles that feature increasing complexity for children just starting to put letters together into words.

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