WHEN LAYLA'S GRANDMOTHER ATE THE WOLF (عندما أكلت جدة ليلى الذئب)

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Every mom has been in this situation: after a long day's work, the little ones beg you to tell them a bedtime story and all you want to do is turn off the lights and call it a day. Siblings Rana and Jad do this to their mom, begging her to tell them their favorite story one more time: Little Red Riding Hood (known as Layla and the Wolf in Arabic). 

In between trying to tell the story and dozing off into exhaustion, the story is upended: Layla picks butterflies instead of flowers on her way to see grandma; she takes the long way, while the wolf takes the short way; and grandma welcomes the wolf with open arms. Rana and Jad are amused by their mom's half asleep storytelling as they get to hear a seemingly new story altogether! A fun twist on a favorite classic, this uniquely illustrated book comes with an audio CD that you can take along for car rides or listen to regularly to practice reading and pronunciation. 

Author: Sawsan Awwad

Illustrator: Ali Shamseldin 

Publisher: Dar Al Hadaeq

Softcover -- 24 pages & Audio CD

Dimensions: 8.5 x 8.5 inches


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