THIS IS MY DAD (هذا هو أبي)

$ 13.99

In some situations, it can be hard for fathers to compete with a mother's constant presence in the lives of their children. This simple book gives children an opportunity to see the different roles fathers play in their lives. Animal fathers, like penguins, sea horses and monkeys, also have special responsibilities highlighted in this story. The book is narrated by a little girl, explaining how her father will be there for her when she starts school, when she's afraid, when she's going to change the world, and beyond! This is a heartwarming story for fathers and their children to read and reflect on together. 

Author: Dalia Almakkawi

Illustrator: Alifa Malki Joo

Publisher: Alsalwa

Flexible cover -- 24 pages 

8.75  x 8.75  inches

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