MY GRANDMA’S PIZZA…WHAT’S THE SECRET? (بيتزا جدتي... ما السر؟)

$ 17.99

Yara, Malak, Abeer, and Nadeem decide to surprise their grandma and stop by for a visit. When they realize they should’ve brought some food from home or a nearby restaurant so they don’t burden their grandma with cooking, their grandma decides they instead should cook together. Keeping it a surprise, the grandma guides the kids as they make a favorite meal. When they gather the ingredients from the pantry and outdoor garden, the kids get to work and grandma puts together an impressive meal. The only missing answer is…what makes grandma’s pizza unlike any other?!

The visuals in this book are especially unique, using a combination of illustrations and real images to bring to your fingertips the feeling of being a traditional Middle Eastern home. 

Author: Nabila Hashem

Illustrator: Reema Alkoosa

Publisher: Dar Al Hadaek

Paperback-- 24 pages

 8.5 x 10.5 inches

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