ALTRUISM: STORIES, POEMS, ACTIVITIES (الإيثار: قصص، أشعار، أنشطة)

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This title is part of a series called "Allah's Beloved" focusing on different themes, and featuring a number of elements in each book: stories, poems/songs, and several engaging activities. The interactive prompts allow children to engage in different ways with the theme and the Arabic language, such as decoding a story and making a craft. 

Selflessness or altruism is a trait that was perfectly exemplified in Islamic history during the time the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) migrated from Mecca to Medina. The story of the "Muhajireen" (migrants from Mecca) and "Ansar" (supporters from Medina) is featured in this book. The book includes an activity decoding a hadith of the Prophet, an Arabic alphabet puzzle, and wordless story the child has to narrate, and a craft. Each book features a series of questions and themes for parents and educators to rely on while using this book. Children will come away with a better understanding of altruism and examples of how to pursue it in their daily lives. 

Author: Dar Al Hadaek 

Illustrator: Nadin Saydani 

Publisher: Dar Al Hadaek

Softcover-- 15 pages 

Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches

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