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Introduce and reinforce Arabic for your little one with fun and original songs featuring Adam and his best friend Mishmish! 

Adam is a little two-year-old boy who is rambunctious, fun, adventurous, active and loves to run around and explore the world around him. Every night when he goes to sleep, he hugs his favorite toy 'Mishmish' and dreams that Mishmish comes to life and takes him on different adventures where they learn about many things from the Arabic alphabet, to jungle animals, shapes and much more. Bring Adam wa Mishmish along on your daily car rides, to your next playdate, or to your classroom for an easy way to get your little ones humming and singing in Arabic all day long! All songs are in Modern Standard Arabic. 

Season 4:

1. Under the Sea

2. Counting Sheep

3. The Solar System

4. Visiting the Doctor

5. The Months in Arabic

6. The Movement Song

7. The Hygiene Song

8. Bedtime Lullaby

(Songs are 1-3 minutes each) 

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