ADAM WA MISHMISH: LET'S GO SERIES (آدم و مشمش: مجموعة هيا بنا)

$ 62.99

Introduce and reinforce Arabic with your little one with this fun and original accordion board book featuring Adam and his best friend Mishmish!

Adam is a little two-year-old boy who is rambunctious, fun, adventurous, active and loves to run around and explore the world around him. Every night when he goes to sleep, he hugs his favorite toy 'Mishmish' and dreams that Mishmish comes to life, taking him on different adventures where they learn about many things from the Arabic alphabet, to jungle animals, shapes and much more. This set based on Adam and Mishmish's adventures features seven board books covering the following topics: numbers, shapes, colors, animals, animal sounds, musical instruments, and parts of the body.  

If your child is familiar with the "Adam wa Mismish" series of songs and videos, they will love seeing the characters and words come to life in between their fingers. The beautifully illustrated board books feature attractive and familiar illustrations, rich vocabulary, and lots of adventure! Sing the songs with their addictive tunes while pointing to the corresponding pages on each book.

The board books are made of durable material to withstand your little one's tough love, and come in a convenient hard shell organizer to keep them organized and protected. Taking Arabic children's books to new heights, each book is linked to a song and an Augmented Reality App through QR codes on the back of the book, so that parents and children can enjoy interacting and singing along while flipping through each book! (Apps are purchased separately on the Apple Store and Google Play store)


Publisher: AlSalwa


7 board books -- 20 pages each + hardshell organizer 

6.5 x 6.5 inches

Customer Reviews

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Yazmin Musa

It was a great surprise for my 3 year old granddaughter. She was so happy.

Loved by ages 0-7!

I originally got these for my toddler and she loved them and quickly became obsessed. We then stayed with some family for a while and my 7 year old nephew got hooked - he especially loved using the app. Now my second is a toddler and she cries at the end of each book because she wants more. They are so addictive and intelligent. You can use them with the song videos, with the app or alone, and they are so well loved in all applications. They're also quite sturdy. All 3 kids were using the same set and they still looked great.

ADAM WA MISHMISH: LET'S GO SERIES: this book series is so fun

My 3.5 yo loved the book series. I am trying hard to involve learning Arabic on a daily basis. The augmented reality app that comes with it is absolutely amazing. One issue with it is that the app does not respond to some of the graphics. the app is free for one book and cost $3.99 for the rest of the series. also couple sounds are not kid friendly in the app (needs to be changed). Regarding Maktabatee, I ordered the series and the package arrived less that 2 weeks later (kinda lengthy but I still appreciate it), the package was wrapped nicely and have the logo. I love this book store.

miral khalil
Excellent books

The books are excellent. They are surprisingly innovative coming from jordan. It was such a delight to review them through their app. Also the customer service provided is top notch. I will continue supporting them and cannot wait for what maktabtee team adds to their stock.