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Spring Into Arabic Scavenger Hunt

Spring Into Arabic Scavenger Hunt

Spring is here! While some of us may still have snow on the ground from last week’s storm, we can confidently say we’re all ready for some warmth, sunshine, and the great outdoors! In a few weeks, school children here will be off for a week for spring break, with lots of energy to burn and time to kill. As kids, spring break for us meant lots of picnics with friends, hikes and hunts in parks and streams, and fun with the neighborhood kids. It also meant road trips to New York city to visit our uncles and of course that brought with it the obligatory road trip fare—Arabic songs (on cassettes!), math and general trivia questions from Baba, and as we grew older, deep discussions about politics and history. 

Now as parents, spring break means getting to enjoy these activities with our own kids with the added challenge of figuring out how to incorporate more Arabic along the way. While Arabic came naturally for our parents, it takes a little more effort from us as it's no longer our first language.

If you could use the help like we can, check out this fun scavenger hunt in Arabic that will keep your kids busy this spring and practice some new Arabic words (click image to download printable). 

  • On the road scavenger hunt
    Arabic spring printable for kids
    • Spring hike scavenger hunt
    Arabic scavenger hunt
    • Airport scavenger hunt

    free Arabic printable for kids

      Print them out, read the words to your little one and let them color the images once they spot them in the park, on the road, or on the way to the plane ride. Encourage your kids to use the words in sentences and name other objects and things you see this season.

      This weekend, we took the little ones out for a hike this weekend as soon as the sun came out and it was warm enough to walk around without a jacket. Kids and nature are the best combination and learning tool, so take advantage of the warming temps and spend some time outside exploring and learning!

      Arabic spring season activities for kidsArabic spring season activities for kidsArabic spring season activities for kids

      If you are traveling in the coming weeks, we know that one printable won’t keep the kids occupied long enough, so be sure to check our travel tips blog with more activities and ideas for braving the trip with little ones while keeping Arabic close by.

      We hope you enjoy these printables and would love to see your kids putting them to use! Tag us in your pictures on Facebook or Instagram using #MaktabateeKids. 


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