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Arabic Children's Books At Your Local Library

Arabic Children's Books At Your Local Library

As most new parents quickly learn, public libraries are an incredible asset and resource to have access to. In most urban and suburban communities in North America, a public library is usually within a few miles radius of any location. In addition to books, libraries provide educational workshops, book clubs, children's story times, and numerous other activities and resources that individuals can tap into. 

Arabic children's books

A regular visit to the library is not an uncommon occurrence, and more so for parents of young children. The wonder in a toddler's eyes as they dig through shelves of picture books and baskets of board books is unforgettable. Story times provide an opportunity for parents to connect with others, and for young children to begin socializing with their peers. 

For parents of multilingual children, libraries can also be a great resource, although non-English titles in North American libraries can be limited. But that's changing, as librarians are becoming more attuned to their community's needs and the increasing diversity of cultures and languages spoken across the US and Canada. 

Arabic children's books are increasingly making an appearance, much to the delight of parents on the hunt for resources to reinforce their children's understanding of Arabic. While some libraries do a great job of advertising these diverse titles, many community members still don't know they have access to multilingual books.

In an effort to increase awareness about existing Arabic children's books in public libraries in North America and to encourage patrons to take advantage of them, we compiled a list of some of the libraries that carry them. This list is not meant to be exhaustive, but illustrative of the increasingly widespread availability of Arabic children's books in public libraries. If you are a librarian looking to curate an engaging collection of high-quality Arabic children's books, email us at so we can help you! 

Mississauga Public Library

Arapahoe Libraries

Los Angeles Public Library
Anaheim Public Library
San Francisco Public Library
Santa Clara City Library
San Jose Public Library

Orland Park Public Library
Jefferson-Madison Regional Library

Melvindale Public Library
West Bloomfield Township Public Library 
Bloomfield Township Public Library

St. Louis County Library 

North Carolina 
Charlotte Mecklenburg Library

Alexandria Public Library
Cleveland Public Library 
Dayton Metro Library 
Columbus Metropolitan Library
Akron-Summit County Public Library 

New Jersey
Old Bridge Public Library
Burlington County Library
Paterson Free Public Library

New York
Albany Public Library
New York Public Library 

Fairfax County Public Library 
Arlington Public Library
Alexandria Library

King County Library
Seattle Public Library

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