Five ways to add more Arabic to your Ramadan

Five ways to add more Arabic to your Ramadan

Five ways to add more Arabic to your Ramadan

There are certain times in the year and in our lives when we renew our intention and goals for teaching our kids Arabic– the beginning of a new year, the beginning of the academic year, and now, Ramadan.

Why? Because Ramadan is the month of the Quran, and one of the reasons we are so committed to teaching our children Arabic is to help them understand the Divine revelation in its original form. The beauty of being able to seamlessly recite the rhythmic words in the Quran and understand them while standing in prayer is unmatched. It’s a truly special feeling that brings us closer to our faith and we want nothing less for our children.

Here are a few tips to infuse more Arabic into your daily life this Ramadan:

1. Recite & listen to Quran.
The beauty of the Arabic language is most visibly represented in the Quran. The rhyming verses, the illustrious descriptions, and the extensive vocabulary makes it the ideal source for exploring the language. Make sure your children are nearby when doing your daily reading, and try to read loud enough for them to hear you. Let them listen to Quran playing during car rides and other quiet times, and experiment with different reciters until you find the one that most appeals to them.

2. Make it intentional.
Renew your intention to teach your child Arabic, and make extra duaa to Allah to help you in this mission. Tell your children why it's important for you and them to learn Arabic and ask them to ask Allah for help in this journey. Add this to your and their Ramadan prayer list!

3. Time it & speak it.
Set a specific time of the day when everyone has to speak only Arabic! It could be iftar time or during a post iftar game. Whoever doesn't slip up gets a special prize!


4. Read Arabic books.
Our children are lucky enough to be growing up with hundreds of new widely available Ramadan books. Make sure to have Arabic books in your Ramadan basket, whether they are spiritually focused, or just for fun. Any Arabic reading can help with expanding their vocabulary, especially in words that are frequently used during this month. Be sure to check out our specially curated collection of Arabic Ramadan books every year!

5. Take advantage of Arabic Ramadan activities & printables.

Our 30 good deeds for Ramadan in Arabic is an easy way to incorporate simple actions and activities your child can do to remind them of ways to better themselves, their communities, and the world around them! Download it here.

Not sure what the phases of the moon in Arabic are called? No problem! Download this Arabic moon phases printable and track the phases throughout the month. You can also grab this beautiful set of wooden blocks that depict the phases of the moon!

Moon phases in Arabic
Ramadan Kareem from the Maktabatee family!  

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