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This unique set features 28 handmade wood blocks with each letter of the Arabic alphabet, including two debossed letters per block. You will find every variation of the letters (starting, middle, and end) as well as numerals, math symbols, and a decorative mosaic pattern. Each set comes in a handy cardboard box for easy storage and a canvas bag so your little one can take their blocks to play dates and grandma's.

These blocks will grow with your child as they learn to recognize the Arabic alphabet and numerals, trace their fingers on the debossed letters, and eventually connect the letters to make words. The decorative mosaic pattern makes for a beautiful display item in your child's room and a perfect addition to your child's collection of toys and learning materials.

- Handmade in the USA by Uncle Goose ®
- Made from Michigan basswood

- Non-toxic, mouth safe inks
- 1.75” cubes (44mm)

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