KA'AK (كعك)

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During summer break, Ali enjoys helping his father sell traditional sesame biscuits called kaak. Ali's mischievous cat Simsim is bored and decides to distract Ali from his job, taking him on an adventure through the market as he snags one of his biscuits.

The story is set in a traditional Middle Eastern market (souq) where sellers display their wares in stores, on carts, or on trays over their heads. The illustrations bring to life the souq with all its visitors, sellers, and passers by. Some cultural specific terms can be found in this book, such as كعك and بسطة.

Author: Taghreed Alnajjar

Illustrator: Zainab Faidhi

Publisher: Alsalwa

Flexible cover -- 28 pages 

9.5 x 8.75 inches

 © 2021 Maktabatee 

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Such a cute book

My kids 6 and 9 love hearing this story again and again.
Cute story about a mischievous cat.