A DROP OF WATER -- قطرة ماء

$ 13.99

Children are curious and we are often on the receiving end of their questions about the world around us. Why is the sky blue? What is the fastest mammal? How does rain form? For the last question, this book simplifies the scientific process behind those cloudy days that turn into wet ones. Tiny droplets of water play with friends in a big ocean with a bright sun shining above, then those droplets evaporate to the sky and come together to form beautiful, fluffy, white clouds. Attractive illustrations and simple vocabulary will make this your little one's favorite rainy day read!

Author: Muna Yasir Khammash 

Illustrator: Maya Majdalani 

Publisher: Dar Al Saqi

Softcover -- 16 pages 

Dimensions: 10 x 10 inches

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