A DAY IN THE LIFE OF MY MOM, THE ARABIC TEACHER (يوم في حياة أمي معلمة اللغة العربية)

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Sari's mom is a hard working Arabic teacher. One afternoon as she is leaving school, her car breaks down, and so begins a string of unfortunate incidents that lead to a kind of "horrible, no good, very bad day." Sari observes his mom try to salvage the situation as she faces a string of bad luck throughout the afternoon. But then, as the evening winds down and she settles in to grade some of her students' Arabic work, something changes her mood! What could it be? 

This engaging and easy to follow story sheds light on the struggles mothers face in trying to manage endless details of a household, and is a great reminder for children who often will go about their day without noticing such effort. It's a great conversation starter about how to manage a bad day, how to be a supportive family member, and how to look at the full half of the cup! 

Author: Nabiha Mheidly

Illustrator: Reema Kusa 

Publisher: Dar Al Hadaek

Flexible cover -- 26 pages

8 x 8  inches

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