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Here is the perfect tool to help children learn the Arabic alphabet and match words with each letter! This box includes 52 puzzle pieces, a board book and activity book that will serve as the building blocks for a child's Arabic learning. Each matching pair of puzzle pieces features one letter of the Arabic alphabet and a word that begins with that letter. Children will match the letter/word to the appropriate image. Depending on their age, they can use the activity book and board book as a guide, allowing this versatile tool to grow with them. This interactive puzzle will be the perfect addition to your home or classroom for early alphabet and word recognition!

Now that your child can recognize the Arabic alphabet, use this puzzle to take the next step of identifying words that begin with each alphabet. Your child will enjoy matching the pieces of the puzzle using the images to the correct letter and word. Attractive and colorful illustrations will make it easy for your little one to recognize the objects and eventually build word recognition and grow their vocabulary. 

52 puzzle pieces 

1 workbook

1 board book

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