SOMETHING IN MY HAND (شيء ما في يدي)

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Aden has something in her hand and goes around around the house, asking everyone to guess what she has. After encountering the neighbor sipping her tea, her dog barking, her cat meowing, her mom working, and her dad with a friend, she asks them to try to guess what she has, but no one knows! Finally, when her grandfather walks in with a colored gift bag, she reveals what’s been in her hand all day long, and gives it to a special someone.

Featuring rhyming text, compelling illustrations, and a strong young female character, your little one will want to keep reading to find out what Aden is hiding in her hand!

Author: Haifaa Muharib Sawarkeh

Illustrator: Maya Fidawi

Publisher: Dar Alsalwa 

Hardcover -- 32 pages 

Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches

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Customer Reviews

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Loved this book!

My 4 year old loved this book and so did I! Its illustrations along with its meaning are beautiful!

Must have!

Great story & beautiful illustrations, my kids love it.