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Little Nora loves watermelon, and won't eat anything else for breakfast, lunch or dinner! One day, Nora decides to hide a watermelon under her bed so she can enjoy it all by herself. Nora's imagination takes her on a wild watermelon ride! This short story teaches children about good eating habits in a funny and not-so-serious way. 

Author: Taghreed Alnajjar

Illustrator: Maya Fidawi

Publisher: Alsalwa

Flexible cover -- 32 pages 

8.25 x 10.5 inches

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Customer Reviews

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Roanne Nasser
The watermelon

The book details , the shipping and the packaging is just amazing my son feels he is getting a gift every time he reserved a book , the watermelon is a simple story full of details with a great morals … so happy we added it to our Arabic library

Razan Abu Sara
Our favorite

My daughter’s favorite story, especially she loves watermelon very much,, we read this story every day..

Love it!

This is an excellent book. It’s funny and creative. You can’t go wrong with Taghreed Najjar! Thank you

Umm Safa
Super cute!

This is a really cute story and my daughter laughs a lot when reading it! My husband also enjoyed reading it with her. She says it's her favorite and that its "just so so funny". She also explains the lessons within the story of listening to your parents, appreciating the food you have, and not being greedy, so I know she gets it beyond uncontrollable laughter :)