TALA'S CAR (سيارة تالا)

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When Tala's neighbor gets a shiny new red car, Tala is enthralled and wishes she could have the same! Her neighbor isn't keen on sharing, so Tala shares her disappointment with her brother Jad, who suggests they think "outside the box" to make their own car! While sharing is caring, thinking creatively to solve one's problems is also a lesson to be learned. With just a cardboard box and their infinite imagination, Jad and Tala get to work! 

Children will relate to and enjoy this lighthearted story by the award winning and veteran Arabic children's book author, Taghreed Alnajjar. Other books in the "Jad & Tala Series" include Who's First?, Doctor's Visit, and When Mama Got Sick. 

Author: Taghreed Alnajjar

Illustrator: Ali Alzaini

Publisher: Alsalwa

Soft cover -- 23 pages 

9.5 x 8.75 inches

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