DOCTOR'S VISIT (زيارة الطبيبة)

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It's Tala's turn to visit the doctor for her annual check up, but like many other children, she's dreading it! Getting poked and prodded is no fun! Tala tries to hide but Jad steps in to help ease her nerves. He gently explains to his sister what the visit will look like, and tries to assure her that she won't be in any pain. 

Tala's visit turns out as planned, with one surprise at the end. Here's the perfect book to prepare your little one for a visit to the doctor, especially one that might include the pinch of an immunization shot. 

You and your little one will love this story by the award winning and veteran Arabic children's book author, Taghreed Alnajjar. Other books in the "Jad & Tala Series" include Who's First?, When Mama Got Sick, and Tala's Car. 

Author: Taghreed Alnajjar

Illustrator: Ali Alzaini

Publisher: Alsalwa

Soft cover -- 23 pages 

9.5 x 8.75 inches

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