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It's that special time when a child begins to lose their baby teeth! It can be an exciting and awkward time for little kids. They talk funny... and they have a missing space or two in their mouth, kind of like a window! When this happens to Salam, her brother Gaith starts teasing her as the words come out of her mouth sounding funny. But, what goes around, comes around, and Ghaith will have to deal with his teeth falling out too! This is a fun story for kids going through this phase or experiencing any uncomfortable phase in their life where they might be teased, allowing parents to have a conversation about what the appropriate reaction should be. 

Author: Doniazad Al Saadi

Illustrator: Nour Ghassan

Publisher: Alsalwa

Flexible cover -- 24 pages 

8.75  x 8.75  inches

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