WHERE? (أين)

$ 14.99

The adventure begins when a little boy spots a ladybug on the lettuce mom brings home from the grocery store. He carefully catches it so he can show it to the rest of the family, but as he’s running through the house, it suddenly disappears!  Where could it be? Children will love joining the search by lifting various flaps to see where the ladybug could be hiding. Although it might elude them at first, the ladybug is always there on the page…just watch them giggle delightedly when they do manage to find it.

“Where?” is a wordless book that works for various ages, but it’s a particular hit with children who are verbal but not yet literate. It provides a wonderful opportunity for children to participate in storytelling by recounting the story themselves. In fact, the best thing about “Where?” are the countless narratives children can come up around the same book, all on their own.

Authors: Rania El Turk and Aya Khairy

Illustrators: Hala and Dima Tahboub

Publisher: Hikayati 

Board book -- 14 pages

4 x 4 inches

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